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Tuition Rates for the 2017-2018 Academic Year*

*Tuition rates and fees are subject to change by the College without prior notice.

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In-District Students - $139.00

Students are considered residents of the district if their legal residence is within the boundaries of District #523 for at least 30 days immediately prior to the start of the term for which they wish to register. However, students who have moved from an out-of-district or out-of-state residence to an in-district residence for reasons other than attending Kishwaukee College are exempt from the 30-day requirement. District #523 boundaries include the high school districts of DeKalb, Genoa-Kingston, Hiawatha at Kirkland, Indian Creek (formerly Shabbona and Waterman), Rochelle, and Sycamore. Also included are individuals residing in the eastern half of the Oregon Community District #220, and the residents of that portion of Lee Center Community District #271, lying east of the West Brooklyn spur (Paw Paw High School attendance center). The Student Services Office will make the final determination of residency status.

Employment in the District: Students who are not residents of Kishwaukee College District 523 but who are employed full-time (35 hours per week) in the district are eligible for in-district tuition and fees. To qualify, a letter must be on file in the Student Services Office each semester prior to the student’s registration. The letter must be written on company stationary and must be signed by either the supervisor or the director of human resources.

Out-Of-District Students - $278.00

If your legal residence is outside District 523 but within the State of Illinois, you are considered to be an out-of-district resident. If your course or program enrollment does not qualify under Chargebacks/Joint Agreements, variable tuition eligibility, in-district employment waiver, or other waivers you will be charged out-of-district tuition. Students enrolling in on-line courses offered by Kishwaukee College will be charged in-district tuition for the on-line courses.

Out-Of-State Students/Foreign Country Resident - $417.00

If you are a legal resident of another state, you will be classified as an out-of-state- resident and charged the out-of-state tuition. If you are a citizen of another country and will apply for admission to Kishwaukee College as an international student, you will be charged the foreign student tuition. Students enrolling in on-line courses offered by Kishwaukee College will be charged in-district tuition for the on-line courses.

Cooperative Agreements, Tuition Chargebacks, & Authorization For Partial Student Support-Chargebacks

Students of Kishwaukee College District 523 who wish to pursue an occupational degree or certificate not available at Kishwaukee College may be able to do so through a cooperative agreement or chargeback.

Kishwaukee College has cooperative/joint educational agreements with several community college districts. These agreements allow a resident of the Kishwaukee College District 523 to take any approved occupational program not offered by Kishwaukee College at the in-district tuition of the college that offers the program. A Cooperative Agreement form signed by the Director of Admissions, Registration, and Records is required. If approved, the cooperative agreement is valid for one academic year (including summer).

The Application for Cooperative Agreement is available in the Admissions, Registration, and Records Office. To request an Application and further information, please call Jackie King at 815-825-9329 or e-mail us. The Application for Cooperative Agreement must be received and processed 30 days prior to the beginning of the term.

Students from other community colleges, who wish to enroll at Kishwaukee College through the cooperative/joint education agreement, should contact the Admissions office at their community college.

A variable tuition rate of $139.00 per credit hour, in addition to the standard tuition rate, will be applied to all nursing courses in the ADN/LPN program and all courses in the Radiologic Technology program.

A variable tuition rate of $69.50 per credit hour, in addition to the standard tuition rate, will be applied to all first-year courses in the AET/MT, AMT, CAD, CRT, DPT, ELE, EMS, EST, TPM, and WT programs. All courses in these programs will be subject to variable tuition effective Summer 2017.

Online courses offered by Kishwaukee College will be charged in-district tuition.

Student Fees

Registration Fee (per course) $6.00
Student Activity Fee (per semester hour) $6.00
Technology Fee (per semester hour) $11.00

Some courses have additional course/lab/studio fees assessed.  See above Tuition Estimator for exact course costs. 


Senior Citizens

Residents of Kishwaukee College District 523 who are 60 years of age at the time of registration are not charged tuition for college credit classes. They must still pay the Registration Fee, Technology Fee, Student Activity Fee and any Course Fees. Senior citizens registering for non-credit classes must pay the full cost of the class. Senior citizens on a Cooperative Agreement must pay the full cost of the class.

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