College Annual Goals

College Annual Goals for 2019-2020

The annual goals are based on the the five College strategic initiatives as identified in the College Strategic Plan.  Goals are developed and reviewed annually, based on stakeholder input and feedback, student success data, and emerging trends in higher education.

= Carryover from 2019

1. Student Success: Provide programs and services to foster student achievement.

  1. Complete the requirements to successfully participate in the Partnership for College Completion Illinois Equity in Attainment Initiative (ILEA).
  2. Create and implement a program to support at-risk learners
  3. Develop a plan for online delivery option for IAI courses and execute Year 1 of plan
  4. Set minimum competencies and implement for AY 2020-2021
  5. Develop and implement new website
  6. Analyze tutoring offerings to meet the learning needs of students
  7. New and redesigned programs & offerings
  8. Increase the number of local Athletes on teams to 75% of participants*
  9. Examine mental health resources for students on campus, prepare for the Mental Health Early Action on Campus Act
  10. Reduce the cost of textbooks for students by:
    • Increasing the number of courses using Open Educational Resources and Inclusive Access by 10%
    • Reducing the instructional materials cost per student per course by 10%

2. External Partnerships: Partner with stakeholders to meet community needs.

  1. Complete the “2 Degrees in 3 Years” Pathway Partnership and launch it in our communities
  2. Implement transitional math courses plus portability panel in area high schools to meet the PWR ACT
  3. Increase the number of students participating in internships and work based learning by 10%
  4. Write 10 additional transfer agreements/articulations with Universities
  5. Crosswalk foundation donors and advisory committee members and develop a plan for connection between the two groups
  6. Develop a nursing pathway and planning guide for direct program entry from high school

3. Valuing Employees: Recognize the importance of building and maintaining a positive employee experience.

  1. Enhance and support professional development for supervisors, faculty, and staff to stay current with educational trends and best practices
  2. Successfully negotiate KCSS contract
  3. Implement online safety/security training for staff
  4. Explore opportunities to control College health insurance costs
  5. Offer financial seminars for staff
  6. Complete the Employee Handbook
  7. Redesign HR Portal 

4. Continuous Improvement: Position the College for the future through thoughtful strategic planning.

  1. Successfully complete the ICCB College recognition process
  2. Align curriculum offerings with student enrollment
  3.  Finalize and present master data report*
  4. Develop K-12 & Employer Services Financial/Annual Report
  5. Prepare for potential OCR Audit 

5. Resource Management: Optimize the fiscal, physical, technological and knowledge management resources.

  1. Oversee the completion of the first year of the three-year facilities and IT plan.
  2. Implement Guidepost Solutions recommendations for the College security plan.
  3. Review special accounts 06 &10*
  4. Implement HR technology plan to include:
    • Electronic leave approval (Supervisors to view)
    • Electronic timesheets
  5. Finalize and implement learning technology plan 
  6. Implement automatic graduation for the students meeting requirements*
  7. Update College Records and Retention Policy*
  8. Explore one price tuition, incorporating registration and other fees into tuition
  9. Add student-billing notifications
  10. Explore cafeteria options to reduce College subsidy
  11. Examine campus utilization for safety and energy efficiency