Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a program that allows qualified high school students the opportunity to enroll in college-level course for which they receive both college credit and high school credit upon successful completion of the course.

There are two options for Dual Credit:

Kishwaukee Education Consortium (KEC) classes are offered in partnership with five area high schools: DeKalb High School, Genoa-Kingston High School, Hiawatha High School, Rochelle High School and Sycamore High School. Students register at their high school in the spring for career classes, and complete registration at Kishwaukee College the following fall term. These courses prepare students for an occupational pathway, which may not require preparation beyond a two-year Associates of Applied Science degree to enter the workforce.

Academic Transfer courses are offered on the high school campus and may be transferable to a four-year university (students should check with the university to which they plan to transfer for course compatibility). Dual Credit opportunities are currently available at selected high schools, including DeKalb High School, Sycamore High School, Paw Paw High School, and Rochelle High School. Check with your high school counselor for availability.

To learn more about Dual-Credit offerings, speak with your high school guidance counselor, or contact:

Missy Gillis
Student Outreach & Educational Partnerships