College Credit in High School

Get a jump start on your future

College Credit in High School

Did you know that you can earn college credit while you are still in high school? You can! Kishwaukee College offers several different ways to do so. Whether it is through Dual Credit/KEC, Dual Enrollment, the Engineering-Math-Science Academy (EMSA), or transferring in cred through the Advanced Placement Exam, read more to find a good option for you!

2 Degrees in 3 Years is a unique program demonstrating how students can earn an associate degree and bachelor’s degree in only 3 years after high school.

Enroll in college-level courses for which you receive both college credit and high school credit.

Enroll in college-level courses outside the school day so you can get a jump start on your college education.

The Kishwaukee College Engineering-Math-Science Academy gives incoming high school seniors a jump start on their college career by providing college level courses during their senior year.

The Kishwaukee Education Consortium are occupational classes offered in partnership with area high schools where college credit is granted

Transferring credit to Kish, from an AP exam or from another college, is simple.