One Stop Wednesdays

One Stop Wednesdays

Are you new to Kishwaukee College? If so, you're invited to attend a One Stop Wednesday! Transitioning into college is exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming experience without the right direction. One Stop Wednesday's is the perfect time to submit transcripts (high school, ACT/SAT or college), take your placement test (If needed), meet with an Academic Advisor and get registered for Fall 2018!  Attending a One Stop Wednesday is a great way to get ready for the upcoming semester all in one convenient visit. 

Things to know before attending:

  1. Complete the Student Information Form
  2. Get ready to test by visiting the Placement Test Webpage

*Note If you are a student with a qualifying disability, and are requesting accommodations for placement testing, you will need to contact Disability Services at 815-825-2931 or to discuss documentation you have available PRIOR TO THE ONE STOP DATE. This documentation will need to be brought with you to the One Stop. If you want to remain confidential please deliver your documents to office A1317 (which is adjacent to the Testing Center), otherwise you can turn it in when testing and we will pick it up. You will also need to make a separate appointment with Disability Services to determine accommodations for your classroom usage. This appointment may or may not be able to be scheduled on the same day of the One Stop pending staff availability. For further questions regarding accommodations please contact us directly at 815-825-2931 or

  1. Gather your transcripts if you have them! Many times students can skip the placement test if they have previous college coursework, Advanced Placement and CLEP scores, ACT scores, SAT scores, or high school GPA. All test scores and GPA must be within 3 years.
  2. Bring your photo ID

Sign up today, by calling Student Services at 815-825-9375!

One Stop Wednesdays are held on the following Wednesdays throughout the summer.

  • 6/13 12pm
  • 6/20 9am
  • 6/27 12pm
  • 7/11 9am
  • 7/18 12pm
  • 7/25 12pm
  • 8/1 9am
  • 8/8 12pm