Bryce Lough

Bryce is in Control

Bryce Lough is unusual.  He knew exactly what he wanted to be from the time he was 16 and saw air traffic controllers first hand in Chicago.  “Once I explored it more, I knew this is what I wanted to do,” he said. “It is fast-paced, rewarding, and a steady career.  Plus, I could be around my hobby of aviation everyday and still get to be home every night.”  Today he is an ATC at the Ft. Worth Air Traffic Control Command Center in Texas.

Bryce gets it.

Bryce has a degree in Aviation Flight from Kishwaukee College and a B.S. degree in Air Traffic Management from Lewis University. 

I was responsible for myself financially after high school so I did not want to pay for four years at a university.  When I looked into Kish, it was a no brainer for me to go there.  Not only could I complete all of my general education classes, but I was also able to complete a good amount of aviation classes at Kish.

Bryce graduated from Kishwaukee in May 2010 and entered Lewis University the following fall. After graduating from Lewis, he was selected to enroll in the ATC Training  at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, an intense four-month program designed to test not only knowledge and  skills, but the strength of character of the students enrolled there. Guiding commercial airliners, private jets, and small aircraft safely through a complicated and busy airspace is not for the faint of heart.

Bryce loves it. 

“It is extremely rewarding to be working a busy push of arrivals or departures from DFW, or military flights like the F-16 flights or aerial refueling missions, or working a secret mission including presidential movement on Air Force 1 or when there is an emergency and you help a pilot land safely, he said.  “Being an Air Traffic Controller is challenging and that challenge is what makes being an ATC extremely rewarding and exciting!” Bryce Lough, ATC: another successful career that took flight at Kishwaukee College.

Get Ready. Get Kish.