Edward Adejinle

Edward Adejinle

For many students, choosing to attend community college for the first two years of their university education is a cost-saving measure: not only is tuition lower, but students can opt to live at home for even more savings. Not quite true for Edward Adejinle. His high school is definitely “out of district.” He is a graduate of the Empaa Group of Schools in Nigeria. Edward came to the U.S. to study Mechanical Engineering. “My brother went to Kish for a year before I came to the US and he told me he enjoyed it there,” he said. “This influenced my decision to go to Kish.”

Edward gets it.

With his high school and family so far away, Edward discovered that he had a new family: the students, faculty and staff at Kishwaukee College. 

Kish is like an extended family to me, everybody knows everybody, which made it easy for me to connect with people.

He explained. “Another thing that made Kish a great choice was that every student had access to talk to any faculty member, which was great for me because I like asking questions and getting involved in important things. The most important thing that made Kish a great choice for me is that it prepared me for a whole new world, Northern Illinois University.”

One of the faculty members that Edward connected with was Physics/Engineering instructor Alan Edgecombe. With Al’s guidance, Edward fine-tuned his career goals from Mechanical Engineer to Design Engineer. He graduated from Kishwaukee in May 2015 as one of the two the All-Illinois Academic Team members from Kishwaukee. Edward is now pursuing his career goals enrolled in the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology at Northern Illinois University. 

One of his fondest memories from his time at Kishwaukee took place outside the classroom. “The best part about being a student at Kish was getting involved in different organizations with so many activities and meeting new and interesting people every day,” he explained.  “I was involved with Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Student Government Association, Association of Culture and Language, and Latinos Unidos. Joining these organizations helped me meet amazing people, give back to the school, and to the community. I urge other Students to join organizations and get involved in different activities you miss out on a so much when you aren’t involved!”

Get involved. Get Kish.