Student Success Stories

Enhancing student at a time

Student Success Stories

Any institution is only as good as the graduates it produces and the college stories that go with them through life. Here you will get an inside look of how the lives of our students were changed by Kish, as told by our students themselves.

Being away from Kish, Edward found the faculty and staff to be an extended family which helped him connect with the campus.

Jamiah Calvin came to Kish as a business major with an art hobby, but all that changed when he took his first art class.

JD Deutsch joined the Kish Speech and Debate team during his second year, but he learned enough to become a State Michigan!

When John Flynn graduated from DeKalb High School over ten years ago, his life was on a pretty straight-forward ordinary track, a track that didn’t include any additional school: work on the line a

With perseverance, hard work, determination and desire, Norma found her path to success at Kish

Scott restored his first tractor when he was in high school. A neighbor saw the result and asked him to restore one for him.

From developmental math to a Fortune 100 Company, Marrissa received personal attention that guided her down a path for success.

Jackie Koenig was a nutritionist fascinated by the nurses she worked with. When she was laid off, she decided to pursue nursing.

Amy graduated with her Radiologic Tech degree in 2001 and began working at Midwest Orthopaedic Institute.

The TRiO Student Support Services Program gave Josh the inspiration and tools he needed to succeed.

Paying his own way through College, Bryce found Kish was the perfect starting point for his career in Aviation.

A mother of five, Dora is the last of four younger sister's to graduate with a Nursing degree.

From the stage of Kishwaukee College to the bright lights of Chicago, Devon found his perfect career fit.

Chris Sawlsville found his career path in industry and found the classes to hone his expertise in the evenings at Kish.

The CSI Team’s hard work paid off with a 1st Place finish at State and an invitation to SkillsUSA Nationals!

Joyce is finishing up her medical studies at University of Chicago soon, a journey that began when she was a 12-year old student at Kish.