Student-Centered Environment

You will never be a number or lost in the crowd

You Will Never Be A Number

Kishwaukee College offers you programs in a relaxed environment that fit the plans and goals you may have. Kish Instructors are dedicated to teaching and student-centered. You will never be a number or lost in the crowd. With a 17:1student instructor ratio, Kishwaukee College offers a personal atmosphere where real learning takes place. By choosing Kishwaukee College, you have chosen real value; a quality education at an affordable cost. Kishwaukee College offers a multitude of extracurricular activities that allow you to explore your interests and develop your abilities. Take classes outside your major area of interest to broaden your horizons. Join any of the more than 30 student clubs and organizations that can give you a chance to meet other students who share your passion in a particular area or will help you develop a new interest or ability.


Here's how you can become the next Kishwaukee College Kougar!

Adult Transitions is here to assist students who are new to college or returning to college after a long absence.

Students attend Kishwaukee College from all over the world. International students increase the educational experience for not only themselves, but for all students.

Your first stop at Kishwaukee College, Student Outreach is geared towards assisting you with the overall transition to college.

Orientation is designed to better prepare you with the overall transition to college and beyond.

Transferring credit to Kish, from an AP exam or from another college, is simple.

Students who are currently enrolled at another school and are looking to take a class or two, but not seek a degree are considered "visiting" students and the admission process is simpler!