Summer 2019

Summertime is the perfect time to take a class at Kishwaukee College! 

Taking summer classes gives you the opportunity to get a jump start on your fall semester, wherever that may be.

Summer coursework:

  • lets you complete general education courses more quickly
  • lightens your fall course load by clearing pre-reqs and gen eds
  • allows you to concentrate on that one challenging course
  • gives you an opportunity to get ahead in your coursework so you can graduate more quickly
  • offers you a chance to take coursework outside your university requirements

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And credits transfer smoothly!

Going to an in-state university in the Fall? Check out some of the gen ed offerings we have this summer that may transfer directly in to your chosen school.***
Planning to go out of state? No problem. Our advising office can assist you with transferring the credit.

KC course
EIU course
ISU Course
SIU-C course
NIU course
*+COM 100
CMN 1310G
COM 110
CMST 101
COMS 100
CMN 101
*ENG 103
ENG 1001G
ENG 101
ENGL 101
ENGL 103
103 + 104 = RHET 105**
*+ENG 104
ENG 1002G
ENG 145
ENGL 102
ENGL 203
103 + 104 = RHET 105**
*ECO 260
ECN 2801G
260+261 = ECO 105
ECON 241
ECON 261
ECON 103
*ECO 261
ECN 2802G
260+261 = ECO 105
ECON 240
ECON 260
ECON 102
+MAT 101
MATH 101
MAT 208
MAT 2250G
MQM 100
MATH 282
STAT 208
STAT 100
*PLS 140
PLS 1153G
POL 106
POLS 114
POLS 100
PS 101
PSY 102
PSY 1879G PSY 111 PSYC 102 PSYC 102 PYSC 100
*SPA 101
FLS 1101
SPA 111
FLSP 101
SPAN 101
SOC 170
SOC 1838G SOC 106 SOC 108 SOC 170 SOC 100
*SPA 102
FLS 1102
LAN 112.15
FLSP 102
SPAN 102
*SPA 201
FLS 2201G
SPA 115
FLSP 201
SPAN 130
*SPA 202
FLS 2202G
SPA 116
FLSP 202
*HIS 220
HIS 2010G
HIS 135
HIST 260
HIST 171
* Online sections available
** Student need to take English 103 & English 104 at KC to equal RHET 105
+ Hybrid sections available

***More information on the transfer process and articulation with Illinois schools can be found on the Illinois Transfer Information page.

Pell Grant Information

Research shows that students who take summer classes are more likely to graduate. In addition, you may save money by graduating in less time.

The Federal Department of Education has increased the amount of Pell Grant that is available for summer!

Even if you attended full-time during the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semester, you may have some Pell funding for summer courses if you are enrolled in at least 6 credits!! Now you may have summer Pell eligibility for the amount of your full time eligibility for one semester.

Example: If you were awarded a full time Pell grant of $4000 for the year - $2000 each semester, you would now be eligible for up to another $2000 in the summer if you are enrolled in 12 credits; $1000 if you are in 6 credits!). All other eligibility requirements stay the same. File a 2018-19 FAFSA if you have not yet done so at

Registration begins April 8 (online), and April 9 (in person)! Once you have registered, the Financial Aid Office will determine the amount you are eligible to receive for the summer and update your award letter. Check your Self-Service Financial Aid in myKC.