Literacy Program

Literacy Program

The Literacy Program has one purpose: to improve the reading, math or English language skills for adults whose literacy levels are below the 9th grade.  This is accomplished through the matching of learners with volunteer tutors who, through the use of instructional materials and one-on-one or small group meetings, progress towards an agreed upon goal.

Adult Learners:

Adult Learners know what they want to accomplish – increased comprehension and fluidity in reading; increased understanding, accuracy, and comfort in using mathematics; and/or increased fluency in English (for non-native speakers).

The Literacy Program provides a variety of options for learners to accomplish their goals. Learners and tutors can meet in small groups or one-on-one; on campus or in the community; can move quickly or take their time. The learner sets the pace; the tutor  provides the support; and both strive for the same goal: success.

Adult Volunteer Tutors:

Tutors are the very heart of the Literacy Program. Tutors are ordinary community members who volunteer their time to assist other members of the local community work towards their literacy goals. Learning materials are provided. Meeting time and place are set to fit the tutor and leaner’s mutual needs. Learning and instructional materials are provided.  Tutors must be 18 or older and have a high school diploma or GED credential.

Literacy Program Contact Information

Jaime Schrader
Office: C1228


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