True Leadership Development

True Leadership - Leadership Development Program

The True Leader – Leadership Development Program will provide the experienced manager with the tools necessary to become the leader that achieves the vision. The program is comprised of seven, four-hour classes that, when taught in order, progress through the stages of true leadership development. The program can also be customized to meet the unique needs of every organization.

Leading and Managing: Leadership 101

The difference between managing employees and leading managers is massive. Learn how to move from managing tasks and productivity to creating and executing a vision.

Leadership the Works for Everyone: DISC

Successful communication is necessary to achieve a vision.  A leader must understand how to communicate with employees.  Through the use of the DISC assessment, leaders will come to know and understand their own communication style and how they must adapt it to communicate successfully with their employees.  .

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the key to true leadership. Leaders lead people, not machines.  People have emotions that drive their behaviors.  Learn the importance of understanding emotions in employee motivation, satisfaction and productivity.

Conflict and Difficult People: Analysis, Communication and Resolution

Conflict and challenging employees are elements of work life that all leaders must be able to address. Learn how to utilize the tools that resolve conflicts and allow leaders to work with even the most challenging employees.

Delegation/Employee Growth: Motivation and Coaching

Without coaching employees do not develop, grow, and become more effective and important to the organization. Delegation is no different, effective leaders know the importance of division of labor, using individuals’ strengths, and working together for the common good of the team and organization.

Leading a Diverse Workforce

The level of an employee’s feelings of inclusion has a direct impact on their productivity and motivation.  Leaders must ensure that differences, varied talents and unique experiences are embraced and utilized for the fulfillment of both their employees and their organization. Learn how to develop an inclusive environment that benefits both the employees and the organization.

Recognizing and Rewarding Employees in Meaningful Ways

Employees need validation, encouragement and a positive supportive culture. Leaders must be able to motivate, validate, and foster “possibilities-based” thinking in their employees to keep them engaged and invested in the organization.  Learn how to create a “culture of appreciation” for yourself and your employees.

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