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Continuing Education courses focus on lifelong learning with diverse education programs that meet the needs of our local communities. We offer professional development courses and non-credit certificate programs.

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Chinese Language and Culture

China is home to one fifth of the world’s population and has the world’s second largest economy. Illinois is among the top destinations for the many Chinese coming America to live, study or invest. Competency in basic Mandarin Chinese and understanding Chinese culture are professionally valuable and personally rewarding. C101-104 assumes no prior knowledge of Chinese. You will learn to pronounce words and names, basic conversation, how to read the phonetic systems, and how to read and write elementary Chinese written characters. You will also learn about culture through activities, food, and film. The course will be moderately challenging in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Required books:
  •         Ren, Yi and Xiayuan Liang. Mastering Conversational Chinese: Chinese for Beginners Tuttle Publishing, ISBN: 9780804842358
  •         Lung-Hua Gail Hu, M.A. , Quick Study Academic Mandarin Vocabulary, ISBN-13: 978-142320421-3 or ISBN-10:142320421-2

These books are available in the Kishwaukee College bookstore.

Class Date Days Time Section Code Cost
Chinese Language and Culture 102 10/31/17-12/21/17 T,R 6:00 pm-8:00 pm LAN 703 3002 $125
Chinese Language and Culture 103 01/09/17-03/01/17 T,R 6:00 pm-8:00 pm LAN 703 5001 $125
Chinese Language and Culture 104 03/06/17-04/26/17 T,R 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm LAN 703 5002 $125


Fitness - Laughing Yoga

Laughing Yoga is an ancient, new idea about how to find health, happiness and well-being.  Haysa Yoga, as it was called in ancient India, is a simple, yet powerful practice that can produce changes in mood, confidence and health, and connect us to our true selves.

Come heal, laugh and play like a kid again. 

Section Code
Kishwaukee College-B2301
FIT 704 3003
Kishwaukee College-B2301 6:00p-7:30p
FIT 704 3004
11/14/17 Kishwaukee College-C1133/C1134 6:00p-7:30p FIT 704 3005 $15
11/15/17 Kishwaukee College-C1133/C1134 6:00p-7:30p FIT 704 3006 $15


Fitness - Bodies in Motion

Students will enjoy the "fitness made fun" atmosphere while listening to music from the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. The class includes chair exercises and activities that may improve eye, hand and foot coordination as well as balance, flexibility range of motion and energy. Must be at least age 60 to register for $25. The non-senior rate is $75. 

Skip Dates
Section Code
DeKalb-Barb City Manor
FIT 702 3001
Sycamore-Sycamore Public Library
FIT 702 3002


Fitness - The Complete Workout

This class is for adults of all ages who want to get in shape and/or stay fit.  Classes will include stretching, strength training and cardio workouts.  Students will work at their own pace and will need to bring hand weights (3-5 pounds), an exercise mat and water.  Please bring a large exercise ball if you have one.  Wear comfortable clothes and gym shoes.  Must be at least age 60 to register for $25. The non-senior rate is $75. 

Skip Dates
Section Code
Waterman-Indian Creek Middle School 6:00p-6:45p
9/14 & 10/09/17
FIT 704 3001
Shabbona-Indian Creek High School
FIT 704 3002



Learn the art of Self-Defense in this class filled with technique, history and fun. Self-Defense class will focus on the following topics: Bow in class, stance work, punches, kicks, blocks, conditioning, foam work, two men exercise and bow out. Class cost is $150 which includes class t-shirt.

Date Location Days Time Skip Dates Section code
10/2/17-11/29/17 Sycamore-Sycamore Public Library M/W 5:45pm-7:45pm 11/22 MRT 703 3001


Tai Chi with Tom

Tai Chi is practiced worldwide for health, wellness, relief of pain, and improved physical ability. Research shows the practice of Tai Chi also reduces the incidence of falling and improves practitioners' quality of life. This slow moving, easy to learn program is beneficial to adults with or without physical limitations. Tai Chi may be practiced standing or sitting and includes exercises that improve relaxation, breathing and blood flow. Must be at least age 60 to register for $25 rate. The non-senior rate is $49.

Date Location Days Time Skip dates
10/24/17-11/28/17 Barb City Manor T/Th 11:00am-11:45am 11/23/17


Bird Watching in Illinois

Bird watching is a relaxing and fun hobby for all. Learn how to recognize birds that can be found in Illinois through a variety of methods: sight(body size, beak size and feathers), sound and flight. You will learn the natural history of many Illinois birds as well as which binoculars to use, how to use a field guide, and the best times and places to spot birds. This online class will include a self-paced guide to bird watching in Illinois as well as the opportunity to test your knowledge and ask questions of the instructor.The class will be available through the myKC online student portal October 1. Students must register before October 1 to obtain the UserID/Student Number required to access the class on my KC. Must be age 60 or older to register for $25. The non-senior rate $59.


Drone Pilot: Why do I need a license?

The drone flying industry is in its infancy. Many brand new drone related job openings are posted every day. If you are interested in flying drones for anything more than just a hobby, you will need an FAA part 107 license. This short seminar will provide information about the FAA license so you can determine if it is required for the work you want to do.

Date Location Time Section Code Cost
10/23/17 C-1251 6:00pm-8:00pm REC 709 3001 $10


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To register call Tricia Hernandez at 815-825-9441. For general inquiries regarding class information, please email or call 815-825-9466.
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