Resources for Undocumented Students

Resources for Undocumented Students

This webpage is designed to answer complex questions as you are transitioning to college.

Kishwaukee College Commitment

We pride ourselves on being an open enrollment institution and have as our core values a commitment to diversity, respect, and equity. Our mission is to provide education to all individuals residing in our community college district.

Admissions - Open Door Policy

Kishwaukee College has an “open door” admission policy. Admission is open to all in-district residents of Community College District 523 who meet any of the following criteria:

  1. High School graduates or the equivalent High School Equivalency (HSE) Certificate or non-graduates who will be 18 years of age or older during the first semester of enrollment.
  2. High School students under 16 may be considered for enrollment in credit classes with joint approval of the High School principal and the Director of Enrollment Services & Registrar.
  3. Transfer students from other colleges. Only credits earned from regionally accredited institutions will be accepted. No grade point average will be calculated on those credits.

Out-of-district residents:

  1. Admission is also open to residents that are out-of-district, out of state, or residents of foreign countries; however, there may be some program restrictions, differential tuition charges, and/or special admission requirements.

You can apply for Kishwaukee College using our online application.


Every year the Kishwaukee College Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships to students attending KC. Scholarship Applications are available every Fall and every Spring Semester. Specific dates will be posted on the Foundation website once they become available.

College Employment

If you have received your work authorization from DACA, you may be eligible to work on campus.

Transfer after Kishwaukee College

Visit the Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling for a listing of universities that admit and support non-citizen students.

For additional resources, please read our guide on Pursuing Education for Undocumented Students.

For more information, contact:

Santina Swiger, Director of Enrollment Services & Registrar