October 18, 2017

Dialogue series begins October 24 on campus

Kishwaukee College will be hosting a series of open forums during the fall and spring semesters titled Dialogue to foster fact-based open discussion about topics that have a contemporary focus with an historical and sociological perspective. The first will be Dialogue: Civil Disobedience and will be on Tuesday, October 24 from 12:30 – 1:30p.m. in Room C1134 in the Kishwaukee College Student Center.  Dialogue: Civil Disobedience is free and open to the public.

Coordinated by Jennifer Jossendal, Assistant Professor of History, and Pernevlon Ellis, Assistant Professor of Sociology, the Dialogue series will be held approximately once each month and allow for members of the community to join Kishwaukee College faculty, staff and students in thoughtful, civil discourse on topics relevant to the current events and issues facing the United States and its role in the world. 

Jossendal stated, “We hope to provide an opportunity to gather and dissect important, and often concerning issues, in a manner appropriate for an academic institution: where you are comforted by historical truths and offered the security of your Constitutional rights, as we discuss together, the moments in which we are living.” 

Dialogue: Civil Disobedience will examine the history of non-violent protest movements through history with particular emphasis on the 1960’s and the Civil Rights Movement and Anti-Vietnam Protests. The discussion will then move into current examples of Civil Disobedience and their roots and relationship to similar movements in the past, comparing and contrasting the past with present. Participants are encouraged to voice their opinions with fact-based reasoning to share differing opinions and promote greater understanding among the group.

The second forum in the series will be Dialogue: Violence in America and will be held on Wednesday, November 15 from 12:30 – 1:30p.m. in C1134.

For more information on Dialogue: Civil Disobedience, contact Jennifer Jossendal at jjossendal@kish.edu or 815-825-9376.