March 16, 2017

KC students dig deep into DNA

Kishwaukee College Criminal Justice students performed DNA analysis on practice crime-scene samples recently. The students, enrolled in CRJ 251 - Criminalistics II: Advanced Crime Scene, ran a general electrophoresis on DNA samples in class. Electrophoresis is the method used to compare DNA samples from a crime scene with samples taken from suspects. The process includes creating a gel-environment in which to dispense small samples from suspects and scene and then stimulate the DNA to stretch out in bands by using electrical currents. Placing the stretched samples in a stain bath makes the unique DNA bands visible for detailed analysis and comparison. The process can take nearly an hour and is a staple procedure in forensics labs around the world. Pictured are students preparing the stain baths for the DNA samples. L to R are: Hannah Miller, Oregon; Victoria Rodriguez, Rochelle; Richard Rojas, DeKalb; and Courtney Bolin, Kirkland.