April 26, 2019

Local donors unite to purchase $26,000 in equipment for the Kishwaukee College Agriculture Program

Kishwaukee College Foundation worked with five local donors to purchase a variety of equipment needs for the new Agriculture program. A John Deere UTV Crossover Gator, Demco 80 gallon 21’ Boom sprayer, John Deere Rate Controller 2000, and John Deere AutoTrac Universal 300, among other various components, were donated last fall to the total of $26,088.21.

The purchase was made possible through a combination of funding sources, including new donations and funds from current donors and their established funds. Donors contributing include: DeKalb Implement Company, a John Deere dealership; HBB Foundation at Babson Farms; the Wildenradts Endowment; the Kishwaukee College Foundation Challenge Fund established by Dave and Suzanne Juday and Bill Nicklas; and the Dutch Johnson Endowment.

Steve Glascock of Babson Farms states the HBB Foundation choose Kish because of its history and association with Agriculture. The resurgence of an Agriculture program at the College in Fall 2018 stirred interests and now the College is offering courses this summer and fall where students can get real-world experience and training with the “Gator.”

Reynold Alde of Mullins Farms will instruct the Precision Agriculture training classes this summer. He intends to split class time between learning theory and working out in the field with the equipment and software. The two community education courses in Precision Ag will help students learn about mapping boundary lines (including interior boundaries), creating a grid, flagging the field, and writing a variable rate application (VRA) prescription. Courses are geared towards people looking at Precision Agriculture as a career or those who may want to enter the profession as a crop scout or applicator. For more information about the courses or to register, please visit www.kish.edu/precisionag.

For more information about the Kishwaukee College Foundation, visit www.kish.edu/foundation.

Photo Caption: Five local donors unite to purchase $26,000 in equipment for the Kishwaukee College Agriculture Program, including a John Deere UTV Crossover Gator. Pictured: Kishwaukee College student Dakota Montavon tries out the new John Deere UTV Crossover Gator purchased for the Kish Agriculture Program.