October 16, 2019

New Nancy D. Castle Scholarship established with the Kishwaukee College Foundation

Nancy D. Castle recently made a donation to the Kishwaukee College Foundation to establish the Nancy D. Castle Scholarship. Castle began the new scholarship to support Kish students who are unable to receive federal financial aid due to their residency status.

While on a tour during the College’s 50th Anniversary Open House in September 2018, Castle learned about the student experience by her student tour guide Cris Luna. Cris shared some of the unique challenges students face due to their ineligibility for specific types of financial aid. It struck Castle as “a situation that needed to be remedied.”

“I hope that access to tuition funds for students who were previously denied will allow them to move through their program faster and more smoothly, to focus more precisely on their field of study and bring greater insight to their ensuing work. When they can do a better job of learning, we all benefit,” Castle states.

The first scholarship awards will be for Spring 2020. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in at least nine credit hours and be in good academic standing.

For more information about the Kishwaukee College Foundation, including scholarship information, visit www.kish.edu/foundation.

Photo: Nancy D. Castle established a new scholarship with the Kishwaukee College Foundation. Pictured: Nancy D. Castle. Photo provided by Nancy D. Castle.