February 22, 2018

New transfer partnership with WIU

Kishwaukee College has a new agreement with Western Illinois University to facilitate the transfer of students to WIU. The new agreement goes into effect immediately.

Dr. M. Joanne Kantner, Vice President of Instruction at Kish, stated, “The truly great aspect of this new agreement is that it benefits students who want to transfer to WIU’s Macomb or Quad Cities campus but there is also a bachelor’s completion program that is entirely online which particularly benefits adult students who may be geographically bound to our local area because of work or family obligations.” 

The WIU agreement with Kishwaukee accepts students who are enrolled in any of Kish’s two-year degree programs – Associate in Science, Associate in Arts, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate in Engineering Science and Associate in Applied Science – and who have completed a minimum of 24 hours of college-level coursework into the WIU Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (BGS) Degree Program. Students must apply for admission to WIU and meet the university’s admission criteria to be enrolled in the program.

For students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, there is an additional pathway. Beginning with the Fall 2018 academic term, students may pursue the Integrated Bachelor of General Studies with a minor in Law Enforcement and then move on to a Masters in Law Enforcement, all completed online. Kantner stated, “I think this will be a really great opportunity for students to add a Master's degree with just 24 credits beyond a Bachelor's, if they opt for the thesis track, or 30 credits, if they opt for the non-thesis track.”

In addition, students who graduate from Kish from the Honors Program will be eligible to transfer to WIU as members of the Centennial Honors College. Ten credit hours of Honors coursework from Kishwaukee will be counted as sufficient to complete the requirements for Lower Division Honors Scholar designation at WIU.

Kantner noted, “This is a great opportunity for our students to complete a bachelor’s degree that has flexibility. A BGS degree is one that the student can work with an advisor to create a degree program that meets their career goals.”

The BGS fully online option makes it a degree that will fit in with many non-traditional students’ lives. Kantner also added, “There are also many online minors that students could complete in addition to the BGS degree that would increase the effectiveness of the degree in terms and lead to enhanced employability.” 

“I am very excited about this new agreement with Kishwaukee College,” Dr. Jeff Hancks, Executive Director of WIU’s School of Distance Learning said. “WIU has a long history of helping Kish Students achieve their dream of earning an affordable, quality Bachelor’s degree. This new agreement should make it even easier for students to begin a Bachelor’s at Kish and finish at Western, either online or in Macomb or the Quad Cities. We look forward to working with many more outstanding Kish students in the future.”

Online minors offered through WIU include: Accountancy; Anthropology; Business; Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Science – Microcomputer Applications; Economics; Finance; Fire Administration; Geographic Information Systems; Geography; History; Industrial Technology; Law Enforcement and Justice Administration; Management; Marketing; Political Science; Psychology; Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration; Religion; Sociology; Supply Chain Economics; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; and Women’s Studies.

Kishwaukee College students who are interested in the BGS program available through the new partnership with Western Illinois University should contact Sean Kesselring, Lead Academic Advisor at Kishwaukee College, at 815-825-9822 or via email at skesselring@kish.edu. Please enter “WIU- BGS Program” in the email subject line.

For information on the BGS degree, contact Jennifer Tibbits, Director of the General Studies Program at Western Illinois University at JL-Tibbitts@wiu.edu or visit http://www.wiu.edu/distance_learning/bachelor_of_arts_in_general_studies/