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The Computer Information Systems program at Kishwaukee College offers students the opportunity to earn two different Associate in Applied Science degrees and six different certificates.

The CIS certificates specialize in particular areas of interest. We are now offering the certificates in the following areas: programming, business applications, web design, web administration, PC technician, network administration, and Cisco networking. These certificates are designed to be completed by a part-time student in one to two school years and allow the student to focus on the area most relevant to his or her interests and job needs.

Each of these programs provides students with a variety of opportunities to customize their education based on their interests and needs. Electives, which are part of the degrees and some certificates, allow even further customization to fill particular needs. Kishwaukee's Computer Information Systems courses and programs are always being reviewed and updated to respond to trends in the business world. We welcome your feedback on additional offerings that would be useful, and we look forward to seeing you in our classes!

Career Cluster Information Technology
This program is part of the Information Technology Career Cluster.

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Interested in learning more about the Google IT Support Professional credential? 

Register for CIS 106 and CIS 206 seminar courses in Spring 2020 to earn six credit hours and the valuable Google IT Support Professional Certificate

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David Klick
Assistant Professor/Programming and Web development
Office: A1342

Chase Budziak
Dean of Instruction