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Paraprofessional Educators assist teachers in classrooms, from kindergarten through grade 12. The role of a Paraprofessional Educator can vary, but, in general, they provide instructional assistance to students by following and reinforcing the teacher’s lesson plans while working with students individually or in small groups. Some Paraprofessional Educators work extensively with Special Education students. As schools become more inclusive, Paraprofessional Educators assist special education students in the general education classrooms.

The Paraprofessional Educator degree program at Kishwaukee College prepares students with the theoretical and technical knowledge to meet or exceed the guidelines established by No Child Left Behind Act.  Students in the program will complete general education and professional education coursework to gain a thorough preparation to enter the classroom as a Paraprofessional Educator.

Career Cluster Education & Training
This program is part of the Education & Training Career Cluster.

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Jodi Lord
Teacher Preparation Coordinator
Office: B2319