Placement Accommodations

Placement Accommodations

The placement tests consist of a reading, writing, and mathematics test.

  • There is no time limit for the reading and the mathematics placement tests.
  • There is a time limit of an hour and a half on the writing exam.
  • The tests are on the computer, unless the student requests to have the accommodation of the test being read aloud, which is done with paper and a CD of the audio portion of the test for reading and math. 
  • The writing is completed on the computer with an audio of the prompt to which the student will respond with their written essay.

Students who are able to document a disability that has a related impact for testing, may be eligible for accommodations for the Kishwaukee College Placement tests. Please follow these steps:

  1. As with all students, you must submit a Student Information Form. This process will secure a student ID number for you, which is needed to schedule your placement test and to meet with an Advisor for your class advisement.
  2. If you identify that you will not need any accommodations for the placement test, simply call the Student Services office (phone: 815-825-9375) and schedule your placement test (you don't have to mention disability to schedule your placement test without accommodations). You can also make your appointment with the Advisor when you call Student Services to set up the placement test.
  3. If you are requesting an audio (taped) version of the test, need extended time on the writing placement test, need a private room or need physical assistance completing a scantron answer sheet or entering your answers on the computer, then you would contact Disability Services at 815-825-2931 and tell the staff that you are requesting one or more of the above accommodations for the placement tests.
  4. Disability Services staff will assist you in setting an appointment with Testing Services and also with the Advisor.
  5. You will be instructed to bring documentation of your disability to Disability Services prior to your testing appointment. The office is located in room A1317.
  6. Disability Services staff will guide you to Testing Services where you will complete your exams with the appropriate accommodations.

It is suggested that you make a follow up appointment with Disability Services either before or after your placement tests so your classroom accommodations and supports can be discussed. In most cases, if you performed best using accommodations on the placement test then you’ll want those accommodations in your classrooms.