High School Equivalency

Illinois High School Equivalency

Community residents who have not earned a high school diploma can test to obtain their Illinois High School Equivalency (HSE).  Illinois accepts three exams for high school equivalency: 

  • GED: This computerized test is offered at Kishwaukee College in both English and Spanish.
  • HiSET: The paper version of the HiSET test will not be offered at Kishwaukee College after December 2018. To find the nearest testing site, please visit https://hiset.ets.org.
  • TASC: TASC is available in a computerized and paper version, but it is not currently offered at Kishwaukee College.

All subject tests must be taken from the same HSE exam; examinees cannot combine scores from different HSE tests. 

The State of Illinois also requires a passing score on the U.S./Illinois Constitution test.

The U.S. and Illinois Constitution Test

In order to earn an Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate, examinees must take and pass the Constitution test as required by Illinois Compiled Statutes – School Code (105 ILCS 5/27-3) in addition to passing one of the state-approved high school equivalency tests. There is no fee to take the Constitution test, and Kishwaukee College offers this exam.  Call Testing Services at 815-825-9841 to schedule an appointment.

U.S./Illinois Constitution Study Guide (English)

U.S./Illinois Constitution Study Guide (Spanish)

Those who have already passed the Constitution test in high school do not need to take it again. Proof of passing the test must be obtained from the high school and provided to the local Regional Office of Education when requesting the High School Equivalency Certificate.

HSE Transcripts and Certificates

Once examinees have passed all HSE subtests and the U.S./Illinois Constitution test, they may apply for their Illinois HSE transcript and/or certificate at their local Regional Office of Education. 

DeKalb County Regional Office of Education

Lee/Ogle/Whiteside Regional Office of Education